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Welcome to VS-Twister

A Powerful And Professional Traffic Exchange System

 Control One Of The Most Devastating And Incredible Forces Of Nature!

We Have Created A Whirlwind Marketing System To Get You The Results You Deserve!

Even At FREE Membership Level (Dust Devil) You will Be A Force To Be Reckoned With!
    • There is no 'expiration', or mandatory upgrade required
    • Add 10 Sites, 10 Banners, 10 Mini Banners, 10 Text Ads
    • 9 Sec Surf Timers On Both Manual And Auto Surf
    • Have up to 1 Rotator, containing 10 pages + 7 Days of Tracking History
    • Even download Tracker statistics in a .csv / spreadsheet format 
    • We will show a banner or text ad in your rotator to cover the bandwidth cost
    • Protect Your Affiliate Links Use Our Link Cloaker
    • Even as a free member, you can earn cash and credits for referring others
    • Option To Show All Of Your Banners and Text Ads On-Site or Off-Site
    • There Are Many Ways To Earn FREE credits
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        Additional FREE Tools Below - Available To All Membership Levels!

        (More Incredible Tools And Resources Coming Soon!)

        Powerful Web Page Rotator With Hit Tracker
        • Want to control all your ads from one place? We do that for you
        • Want to know which sites provide the most traffic, or the most unique traffic? We can do that, too!
        • Free members get a 7 day history, with referrer, IP's, Browsers and OS statistics
        • Upgraded members can get from 21 to 60 days of history depending on upgrade chosen

        Protect Your Affiliate Links With  Our Revolutionary 'VS-Link Cloaker'
        • All Your Links Submitted Can be Cloaked To Advertise Everywhere and Anywhere!


        Improve both your message delivery and statistics with a 'Way Station' 
        • Show a group of sites together, in sequence to each user
        • Improve viewer response through more detailed messages
        • Improve your site's surfing statistics:
          • Sequential displays improve 'visit duration' and 'page views' figures
        • No one offers this Unique Service but us!
        Want To Make Your Membership Even More Powerful?
        Are You Ready To Surf Up A Storm!

        We Offer 4 Levels Of Pro Membership Packed FULL Of Extra Benefits

        • Try Our 1st Level Twister Membership For Only $5.97 USD per month!
        • Get to view your Tracker Statistics over a longer period of time
        • Get more monthly credits to display your Sites and Ads
        • Earn even more credits and cash from your downline!
        • Earn Credits Faster with Lower Surfing Timers!
        • Get A Credit Bonus Added To You Credit Purchases

        The Higher The membership Level The More Powerful You Become Are You Ready!

        As of 2017-05-23 05:45:01
        Text ads:271
        Mini bnrs:36
        Pg. Views:24262
        Tot Imp:91758

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